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Posted by Anderson Brown at 11:14 AM

I was just surfing on the internet, watching you tube videos, tweeting, chatting on Facebook and stumbling upon.Then I paused for a minute and thought "What if I utilize all this time i waste on net doing useless work,on earning some cash online !". I immediately started searching the sites through which I could earn some cash for doing some tasks online, but all in vain. Then while I was on my searching process,I found a site which pays a member just for clicking their ads.

 Bingo!! I jumped off my seat. I immediately signed up and started my journey with the PTC world.
I was really exicted about it.How much will i earn ?
What will i buy with all that money ? 
Won't i have to do any order job after this ? 
Will i get rich in a week or a month? 
All these questions were roaming around my mind.So, i decided to research  and gather all information  as much as possible about  this PTC network. 

Well , as I gained more knowledge about these ptc sites, my interest and passion for these
Paid to Click(PTC) service grew stronger and stronger. I started earning  some cash(not much) daily.It was better than just wasting your time for sure.I kept on earning by just clicking some ads but I wanted to earn more cash with PTC ,so i joined even more PTC sites(about 10-12). After few months, I tried to withdraw my money from these Paid to click (PTC) sites, but I was shocked when some of the sites disapproved my request and blocked my account. All of my money I earned was just disappeared and I didn't got a penny. I was very disappointed and frustrated.

After some days,I knew that there are many fake PTC sites out their on the internet which will steal not only your money but all your hard work.So, I surfed many sites and picked the best of the best PTC sites and earned alot of money just by clicking some Ads from home.

Today,I earn a decent amount and suggest you all to join a PTC site now.But you do not have to struggle like me to find a trusty and reliable PTC site,just view my " Top PTC site of 2011"

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