Beginner's Guide To Start Earning Cash Online-Part II

Posted by Anderson Brown at 5:28 AM

In Part 1 of the mini series about, Guide for Beginner Online Earners, we discussed about two important topics :
Now in this part 2, we are going to cover some more ways to start earning cash online without any investment. This post is also completely based to help beginner's or newbies to start making money online and I will be guiding you in each step for making your journey of earning cash online successful.

Paid To Post, Discuss and Socialize with People

This method of earning cash online is one of my favorite method of making quick money online. What is more fun than getting paid for actually having fun. Yes, there are some Paid to post sites that are willing to pay you just for posting in their website. One of the best examples I can give you is MyLot Community. There are thousands of people who make there living through this site.

First of all, let’s have a quick review about MyLot. MyLot is a very popular site which has been paying it's user for discussing online, since it had been started. It is a unique, fun and growing online community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, giving advice, engage in discussions and moreover socialize new people and helping one another.

For people who love to involve in discussions  and help others solve their problem, MyLot is a great place for them. Along with  having fun discussing in Mylot you will also make money with it. Isn't that great! You will earn cash every month just for discussing with people and helping them out. For complete guide about MyLot Community, read my “Earn Cash Online with MyLot” and “ How To Make Money With MyLot” post.

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Payment Proof 1 l Payment Proof 2 l Payment Proof 3

Earn Cash By Uploading Your Files

You can also earn a huge amount of cash by simply uploading your files from your computer. There are many sites that are willing to pay you just for uploading your files. It can be anything like, Software, Anti-virus, Games, Songs, Movies etc. Just think about it – every day we share all kinds of media files with our mates or relatives (audio, video media, Xbox 360 games, software…). Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn some cash sharing those same thing.

There is a website called, which is basically is free file hosting with a tweak. They will pay you for every file download (you upload your files to their servers and get special link, when someone downloads your goodies using that link, you earn money). They have a lot of advertisements on their download page, so pretty much, they can afford to pay you up to 10$ for every 1000 downloads. It doesn’t sound that much, but you can easily earn 25$ or more in a month with this website, if you really get into this.

Join to Start Earning By Sharing Files Online

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I will be providing you more ways to earn cash online in my next post “Beginner's Guide To Start Earning Cash Online-Part III”. If you haven’t gone through the part I of this mini series about,Guide for Beginner Online Earners, I would highly recommend you to check it out.

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