Beginner's Guide To Start Earning Cash Online-Part I

Posted by Anderson Brown at 2:58 AM

Today in this post of mine, I will be showing  you the step by step process of earning cash online. Many of you are already familiar with the online earning world and may have your own programs and method to earn cash online as well. But this post is specially focused  for the Newbies or Beginners, who wants to earn cash online but are confused on where should they start from. Well, recently I have been getting many messages from my readers and one of them requested me to write a post giving the Step By Step Guide about various Methods of Earning Cash Online. So I created this Post focusing on the problems that Beginners have during their struggle of earning some cash online. Since  this post will be quite longer, I will be dividing it into Parts. So, here we begin...

First of all, when you start your journey of earning cash online, you will need a place where you can store you money that you will earn through various earning method online and keep it safe and secure. There are two really popular sites Paypal and Alertpay . These sites are used for your payment by many sites and they are also very easy to handle. So, first create an account at Paypal or Alertpay. Click on the banner below:



After you have signed up at any one of the above site, lets come to the earning part. Internet is filled with online earning opportunities. There are many sites through which you can earn a huge amount from your home itself. Paid To Click, Paid To Promote, Doing Survey, Blogging are some ways to Make Money Online From your Home.And you won't have to Invest a Penny to Start Earning Online. Isn't that great! Well first of all, lets start with earning with Paid to Click sites. 

PTC sites are the very provide very popular service which pays you just for clicking on their Advertisements. You don't have to do anything at all. Just Click on there Ads and do your regular stuff.So, simple and easy. And the great part is, you will get paid for it. Many people are earning a great amount using these PTC sites. Let's begin with some Top PTC sites.

Sign up and create a free account at these sites.Then log in and start clicking the Ads. Earning with a PTC site is very easy. Just click on the Ads, then you will be taken to website with a countdown counter above. After the counter reaches zero, just close the window and click on new one. Below are some Top PTC sites. 

1. NeoBux

Payment Proof 1 I Payment Proof 2 I Payment Proof 3
Clixsense Review

3. IncraseBux

Payment Proof 1 I Payment Proof 2 I Payment Proof 3
If you want to join more PTC sites to boost your income, Just visit my "Top Paid To Click(PTC) site". But remember one thing, Earning with PTC sites is not a get rich instantly or Quick money method. It takes time and you should be active in order to get most out of PTC sites.

I will be giving  you more guides on other various methods of earning cash online in my next post " Beginner's Guide To Start Earning Cash Online-Part II".Till then Happy Earning 

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