Is Publishing Free Articles On My Blog Good?

Posted by Anderson Brown at 7:42 AM

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You’re probably tired of reading “Content is king”, but I took that advice very seriously.  Given that I’m a slow writer, it takes me a good ten to 15 hours to research and write a single post. I could certainly publish a lot more frequently, but the quality of my content would definitely suffer.  If I had flooded my blog with low-quality posts, the good-quality ones would have been lost in the crowd, and my overall   If you’re a part-time blogger like me, then you’ll most likely have to choose between either quality or quantity--and my vote always goes to quality.

Each and every blogger wants his blog to be updated daily to attract more visitors and search engines. A good content is the most important ingredient for a successful blog and whatever people talk about networking and promotion, the content will always be the top priority (at least for me).
But, as I have said before, writing good content is easier said than done. And for a part time blogger, it is tough as compared to a full time blogger. The obvious reason is lack of time as the part time bloggers could not devote equal time as full time bloggers even if they want to.
But in this world of high competition, nobody wants to take risks by not updating regularly and losing visitors. This is the main reason that forces free bloggers to turn towards not so good option- Free Articles.
You can find hundreds of free articles sites or directory on the web. Consequently, there is no lack of free articles. But before using them, Go through these points below

1.Your Blog, Your Views, Your Content:
This is the main reason I have always avoided free articles. I started my blog to write what I think and to share what I know and not to give other’s thoughts a space on my blog. You might argue that guest posting is the same thing but in case of guest posts, you never take credit for writing it. In fact, the first line itself states it is a guest post.

2. A key to growing blogs is personal voice and connection
if your blog is filled with free articles you’ll end up with a collection of content that is disjointed,     that doesn’t personally connect with readers and is devoid of personality. Blog readers will subscribe and become loyal to a blog when they feel a personal connection and want to track with someone over the long haul. Not when they see a disjointed collecting of articles by a different person every day.

3. Readers will Figure it Out
Your readers are visiting you since last 12 months or so and now they are familiar with your style. And if then you publish something extracted from free article site claiming yours, some of them will figure out that this is not yours. In this way, the only one that loses something is you, the blog owner. You will lose your loyal readers, value as well as your reputation.

4. Google is watching you!
Normally, free articles are written keeping search engines in mind. Hence, the keyword stuffing is dominant. If you are careless enough not to read what you gonna be publishing and if it is one of those “stuffed” article; I think you can pretty much figure out what will be the consequences.

There are the points that have always stopped me from using free articles on my blog, even in those situations when I was very short of time. I would love to hear what are your views on the above.

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