How To Make Money with MyLot?

Posted by Anderson Brown at 5:53 AM

Hey everyone. In my previous post, I showed you how to Start Earning with MyLot. So, today in this post, I will be showing you various  ways by which you can make money with Mylot. As you already know, Mylot is a place where you earn to discuss. The more you discuss and respond to discussion, the more you will earn. Here, I have mentioned the ways of making money in MyLot. However, Being an active member in MyLot is the key to Earn More Cash. 

Go through the following points to have a strong base about ways of earning in  MyLot.

Ways To Earn Cash In MyLot

1. Ask lots of questions

Whenever other people reply to your discussions then you will earn money.As well as earning money from simply posting your own discussions and responses. You wont be paid for leaving comments though. Search for unique and interesting topics and come up with a good question that will encourage participation. Make sure your question hasn't already been asked before and remember the more responses to your question the higher the earnings could be.

2. Be Active and Respond to Discussions

Answer and respond to as many discussions and questions as you can. It's stressed that you should answer in as much detail as possible at least three to four sentences long. Always remember, "I Type,I Earn. You Type, You Earn". It could be helpful to use the same keywords as in the discussion question.

3. Upload images

Not only for discussions, Mylot also pays you for every image you upload. It can be of any topic or interest. You can even upload your image to earn more money. So, upload images in every discussion you start and at least double your earnings.

4. Choose your interests

Select your interest properly and wisely. The maximum amount of discussion you will receive is from your selected interest. Don't choose many interest thinking that you will get more discussions everyday. It will only hide the discussions that you actually enjoy to talk about. It also has an impact on your MyLot earning because when you post a discussion in the same topic as your interests then MyLot will pay more. So it's well worth taking the time to fill in all your interests wisely.

5. Enlist referrals

This is one of the most important to multiply your earnings. MyLot will pay you 25% of the earnings of your referrals. When they earn $1, you will earn $0.25. Not all referrals will actively take part in MyLot regularly but the more referrals you have higher earnings you'll receive.

How much can I expect to earn from MyLot?

The potential earnings are as follows;

$0.1 - $0.3 per discussion or response.
$0.1 per image upload.
25% of referral earnings.

However, all earnings are calculated until payment time and your earnings are dependent upon your level of participation.

Most people generally participate with up to 100 responses to discussions per month, while others commit up to 30 responses per day.

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