Paid To Survey Online- Scam or Legit?

Posted by Anderson Brown at 8:08 AM

Are paid online surveys scams? Are those offers to fill out online surveys for pay are legit? Are paid online surveys legitimate? Can you really get paid to fill out simple online surveys?…

Paid surveys- Why and What for?

Today’s business world is a very competitive world. Each company has to do its best in creating a product or service that can out do its competitors. So, because of that, companies can not afford to create products that will not return the investment. In order to bring the risk level down, and have a better chance at success, these companies need to find out what their costumers think of there products.

That’s where paid surveys come in. By using data gathered from paid surveys that their customers have filled out, businesses are able to know what their costumers think of the product before they invest thousands and even millions of dollars developing and marketing the products. Of course, in many cases, businesses use surveys to improve an already existing product.

Are paid surveys scam?

When you look at all the different ways of making money online, paid online surveys are probably the easiest and quickest way to earn cash without any investment online. You are simply trading your experience and opinion about a product or service for cash. It’s a legitimate way to make some extra cash. There are hundreds of paid surveys sites out there, all of them claiming to be legitimate and trust worthy. But, we all know where there is money involved, specially making it, there is going to be scams and scammers involved as well.

Stay away from paid surveys scams

Although there are so many legitimate paid survey sites such as Opinion outpost and Valued opinions out there, there are so many more online survey scams on the internet. The simplest and most obvious way to know if a “paid survey” site is scam or a legitimate company, is to look at their member registration process. If you have to pay a fee in order to become a member, its 100% scam. They are supposed to pay you to work for them, not you paying them.

Think about it, You are looking for a job and come across a company who was hiring. Everything sound good and you apply for the job, only to find out that you have to pay a fee to become an employee of that company! Would you think that is a legitimate company or would you leave and never look back again? Its the same with paid surveys. Its just common sense! Of course, there are other things you can do to protect yourself from paid survey scams, like doing some research about the company, checking with BBB and etc..

Can you make money doing surveys

While paid surveys allow businesses to develop and market better products for their costumers, it also allows you both as a consumer to voice your opinion about a specific product, issue, service or what have you and as a survey panelist to earn some extra money. Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn cash online. And, that’s why paid surveys are so popular. I mean, where else would you be able to tell someone what you truly think of their product or service and even criticize it, and still get paid for it!

If you can manage to save yourself from paid surveys scams and register with a few legitimate paid surveys sites, you can easily make some extra money each and every month. The trick to being successful with paid surveys, meaning making as much money as possible taking online surveys, is to register with as many legit paid surveys sites as you can. It will increase your chances of doing more surveys, thus earning more money.

So, are paid online surveys scams? Absolutely not! But, there are some paid online surveys scams out there, which means you have to be careful when choosing a paid survey site to work for.

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