Benefits Of Joining And Participating in Forum

Posted by Anderson Brown at 9:45 AM

For new bloggers, probably one of the most asked question will be “Where to find potential readers of my blog?”.  If you have the same question, well you came to the right place. I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog because I’m about to show you the benefits of joining and participating a forum or an active community discussion. Especially, forums with relevant content or related to your blog.
Forums are fantastic places for bloggers to participate in because of numerous reason. Here are my 3 tops reasons:

1. You can build your profile

Setting a consistent time into a fair sized forum on your topic can significantly build profile reputation in your niche. Through forums, you have available audience to showcase expertise and provide value ad to the group. You can also earn respect every time you give solutions to a member’s queries or questions. Eventually, you will develop fans among other forum users.

2. Better understanding of your niche

Forums are great places to get ideas and knowledge about your topic. It is a healthy two way communication with other users. You also learn from their experiences and expertise. At the same time, you can have an understanding what your niche requires. In some forums, questions are repeatedly asked without a satisfying solution. It is now your chance to better understand what potential readers of your blog needs.

3. Drive enormous traffic

If you are respected and constantly provide essential solutions to your forum, you have a potential to drive enormous traffic to your blog. Traffic is the life source of a blog. And because your fans believe almost everything you say, it can drive traffic to your site.
benefits of forums Benefits of Joining and Participating a ForumSpend some time searching for a forum on your niche. I suggest you to have at least 2 communities joined. Consider one really large forum and another with fair size. Let me explain why. In a large forum, I assume there’s enough available information to understand your niche, but you will have tough time building your profile because of the existing tenured members. On the other hand, a fairly sized forum can easily build your reputation because of the small number of members.
So there you have it. All the best on your conquest.
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