Proper Use of Keyword and Phrase To Earn Cash Online with Google AdSense

Posted by Anderson Brown at 11:43 PM

Many marketers are trying to figure out how to make money with AdSense. Yet most of them struggle with it. Why? One major reason that almost all people who try to make money with AdSense is that they do not do adequate keyword research and subsequently either choose the wrong keyword phrases to target or don’t target any keywords at all. Following this path is the fastest route to frustration and small profits. On the other hand, by taking the time to choose “good” keyword phrases, you will get more clicks on your AdSense ads. Not only that, but the average price that you’ll make on those clicks will be 10 to 20 times higher.

Is keyword research really that important to making money with AdSense? Absolutely! You simply won’t find success with AdSense if you create content and articles that are about broad, random topics in your niche. To make money with AdSense, you have to use laser-focus when it comes to keyword phrase selection.

The Top Three Characteristics To Look For In Keyword Phrases To Target:

1. High daily searches

If you aren’t choosing specific keywords to target, then you could be unknowingly targeting keyword phrases that get very little daily searches. So even if you did a great job creating quality content about a certain topic in the niche that your site or blog is in, there just might not be many people looking for that information on a daily basis. A small amount of daily searches will result in very few people ever seeing your content (and your AdSense ads). So be sure to target keyword phrases that have a large number of daily searches.

2. Lower competition

Many marketers write content based around “obvious” topics. So they had a website about auto insurance, they would write content based around keyword phrases like “auto insurance quotes”, “cheap auto insurance”, and “best auto insurance.” The problem with this is that just about everyone who has a website in this niche targets these obviously keywords first. Meaning, that there is a lot of results that will show up in Google for these keyword phrases, and chances that anyone will ever see your content and AdSense ads will be very slim. Use a reliable keyword research tool to find those keywords in your niche that have a lower amount of competing results. Targeting these keyword phrases, even if they have lower amounts of daily searches, gives you a much better chance of people actually reading your content and clicking on your AdSense ads.

3. Higher CPC values

The biggest frustration faced by many individuals who are trying to make money with AdSense is low click payouts. They do all this work to create decent content and bust their butts with marketing only to get $0.05 clicks. Generating 5 cent clicks won’t lead to riches. So what can you do? Create content that targets keyword phrases that have high CPC values. “CPC” stands for “cost per click” and is the amount of money that an advertiser pays to get the top position in the ads displayed. This is not the amount of commission that you will get paid per click, but you can use it to get an estimation of how much you can make per click. Most quality keyword research tools can give you the CPC values. Generally, you can assume to make 10-25% of the CPC value. So if you create content around a keyword phrase that has a CPC value of $10, you should make $1.00 to $2.50. Now that’s much better than nickel clicks, right?

If you want to know how to make money with AdSense, you need to place more of an emphasis on keyword phrase selection. When choosing keywords to target, you should look for ones that have decent daily search demand, low competition, and higher CPC values.

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