How to get success with Paid to Click sites

Posted by Anderson Brown at 2:24 AM

Recently, I have been working with ptc sites and I can say I’m doing pretty good. However, I notice every single day people frustrated due to the fact that they do not earn sufficient cash with these kinds of websites and give up quickly. I totally understand how difficult it is to earn cash with PTC for the newbie and get financial freedom with these sites. Along with that, you have to wait for several weeks to earn 1 -2 dollars and see it in your account, not to mention  just how much effort you have to invest to bring a couple of referrals each month and also to observe that merely even single of them actually clicks on the ads and provides you some cash

However, if you carry on your work without giving up and put up a plan to follow, defiantly you can earn huge cash with ptc sites.

Listed below are the  6 things you should be aware of if 

you want to be successful with ptc sites:

1) Choose your PTC sites carefully

The websites you are joining and investing your time and effort in can make a huge difference between success and failure. We all want to earn the maximum amount from these websites and sometimes we get carried away and join dozens of websites only to find out that after a month or two we’ve worked for nothing and maybe lost  some money too. That is why you should work only with websites that have been analyzed (see the ‘Trusted PTC sites’s post) and you know can be trusted. This way you can avoid as much as possible the frustration I’ve mentioned above and earn some nice cash.
Some of the trusted ptc sites you can find on" The Trusted PTC sites"

2) Set up goals and make plans to achieve it

In order to earn a good amount of money it is not enough to just join the ptc sites and click on the ads every day. First of all you have to decide a goal – mine was to get at least 10 direct referrals for each ptc site daily. After you’ve set up the target you have to make a plan to achieve it – take a piece of paper or open a document on your computer and write down what exactly you have to do to get to your target.
-Use X and Y and Z websites and forums to get direct referrals
-Use other different methods to increase your direct referrals
-Upgrade 2 of the ptc sites accounts you have joined and start investing in the referral packages
-Log in as many times as possible on a daily basis to be able to click on many more ads and earn more money
After you have made the plan add a deadline to it – when exactly do you want to implement all the things from the plan.

3) Take action
Now that you have a plan and a deadline all that is left to do is start  working. Join forums about PTC or e-mail your buddies about PTC and suggest them to join or any other plans you have made yourself.
Start doing everything you’ve planned to and stick to it until you see the results.

4) Track everything
Whenever you  start doing something, it is  better to keep an evidence or track each plans to know of what works and what doesn’t. When you keep track on each of your plans actions it will be lot easier to view the results and discover the sections  that you need to improve. Take a piece of paper or open a new document and write down all the things you do daily and what are the results, meaning what do you receive from the actions you took.

5) Don’t quit
It is possible to not see the results coming for a while, but do not give up. As long as you have a good plan and a little faith in yourself you will get what you deserve and earn your desired aomunt.

6) See what works the best and keep doing that
A last advice I can give you is that focus on the things that bring you the most. If you apply the things above and keep a track of them then you will definitely notice what actions bring you money and what do not.

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