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The blogosphere is a big and fast paced world with over 100 million blogs and raising. It is difficult to drive tremendous traffic towards your blog in the beginning. You may have questions like, How do you pull in visitors to your blog? How can you be ranked no.1 in Google? How do you beat your competitors? How do you drive unlimited traffic to your Blog?All these questions will be answered by this post.

Observe these simple tips to drive unlimited traffic to your blog.

1. Write Well and Write Often
Often posting your blog with useful content is the first step to putting together your blog's audience. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something special to say to them and say it often to keep their interest and keep them dependable.Knowing your visitors is the first step of driving traffic to your website and blog. Furthermore, post frequently to expand the number of opportunities you have for your blog's content to be discovered by search engines such as Google or Technorati.

2. Distribute Your Blog to Search Engines
Access the radar screen for the widely used search engines such as Google and Yahoo!  By submitting your blog to them. Most search engines provide a 'Submit' link (or something similar) to alert the search engine of your new blog, so those search engines will investigate it and include your pages in their results.
It's important to understand that simply submitting your blog to search engines doesn't mean your pages will appear at the top of a Google search results screen, but at least your blog will be listed and will have the possibility of being picked up by a search engine.

3. Utilize and Renovate Your Blogroll
By placing links to sites you like in your Blogroll, the owners of those blogs will find your blog and will be likely to add a reciprocal link in their blogrolls.You can also submit your blog to blog directories such as Blog CollecterBlog Folders, Blog PopularFree submitblogsallovertheworld. It's an easy way to get the link to your blog in front of many readers on other blogs. The hope is that some of those readers will click on the link to your blog on the other blogs' blogrolls and find your subject material interesting and entertaining turning them into loyal subscribers.
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4. Grab the Power of Comments
Commenting is a quick and very important tool to grow your blog's traffic. Initially, answer to comments left on your blog to exhibit your readers that you value their ideas and draw them into a two-way conversation. This will expand reader support.
Second, leave comments on other blogs to drive new and unique traffic. Ensure that you leave your blog's URL in your comment, so you build a link back to your own blog. Many of us will browse the comments left on a blog post. If they read a particularly unique comment, they are extremely likely to click on the link to visit the commenter’s site. It's important to make sure you leave purposeful opinions that are almost certainly to invite people to click on your link to read more.

5. Syndicate Your Blog's Content with an RSS Feed
Putting up an RSS feeds button on your blog will make it easy for your dedicated subscribers to not just look over your blog but also know when you post new content.

6. Use Links and Trackbacks
Links are one of the most successful parts of your blog. Not only are links detected by search engines, but they also help to alert other bloggers who can comfortably detect who is linking to their sites. Linking allows to get you noticed by other bloggers who are likely to investigate the sites that are linking to them. This may lead them to become new readers of your blog or to add links to your blog from theirs.
You can require links to other blogs a step extra by giving a trackball on the other blog to let them find out you've linked to them. Blogs that allow trackbacks will include a link back to your blog in the comments section of the post that you originally linked to.

7. Tag Your Posts
It takes a few more seconds to add more tags to each of your blog posts, but it's really worth the time in terms of the even more traffic tags can generate to your blog. Tags (like links) are easily detected by search engines. They're also key to facilitating readers acquire your blog when they carry out searches on popular blog search engines such as Technorati.
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8. Upload Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites
Using the time to distribute your best posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg , StumbleUponReddit and more can be a effortless way to immediately boost traffic to your blog.

9. Do not forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When you prepare your blog posts and pages, consider to optimize your pages for search engines to find them. Include important keywords and links but don't overburden your posts with too many relevant keywords or totally irrelevant keywords. Doing so can be regarded as spamming and could have undesirable results such as your blog being deleted from Google's search completely.

10. Utilize Visuals
Graphics don't just make your blog look pretty, they also help folks find you in search engine listings. People often use the image search options offered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, and naming your images with search.

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Doing the above things has not only helped me double my blog’s traffic in 2 months but also raise my subscriber up by nearly 100 subscribers.
Which of the above strategies can you implement on your blog?
And if you’ve done anything to help boost your blog’s traffic that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to share.

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