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Posted by Anderson Brown at 4:34 AM

I think you all have heard of MyLot.com, an online site that pays you for discussing with other people around the world. In case  if  you haven't heard about it, this post will make it all clear.

First of all, What is MyLot? MyLot is a very popular site which has been paying it's user for discussing online, since it had been started. It is a unique, fun and growing online community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, giving advice, meeting
new people and helping one another.

People who love to involve in discussions  and help others solve their problem, MyLot is a great place for them. Along with  having fun discussing in Mylot you will also make money with it. 
Isn't that great! You will earn cash every month just for discussing with people and helping them out.

There are other methods of earning in MyLot too. You can also earn through uploading some photos and commenting on them or using their search bar, But I think this topic needs a whole new post for me to explain in detail.

So how to  start earning with MyLot:

  1.  First of all, create a free account and sign up in MyLot.
  2. Take part in discussions or you can even start your own discussion and then comment to the respond you get from other users.
  3. Post quality comment and do not spam! Posting quality content will help you increase your overall ranking which will gradually boost your earning in MyLot.
  4. Comment on photos uploaded by other users or upload your own photos and respond to the comments you get.
  5. And always remember one thing while working with Mylot, "I write, I earn. You write, You earn". Never Forget that.

 Becoming rich quickly from Mylot is really a tough job but for participating in something fun, interesting and getting paid to do so is fine by me. Don't think Mylot as a way of earning cash online. Have fun with it by making many friends and participating in discussions. You will feel more comfortable and enjoy using Mylot.

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